MiniMe - Interior Dolls

Handmade unique dolls and animal toys for children to play and love

Soft and cuddle, these toys are perfect for babies and toddlers to hold and cherish.

Carefully sewn, brightly colred hand made toys are also cute and faithful friends. These foxes are look out fot a warm and good owners.

  • They are lovely travel buddies and cuddle friends.
  • They will never let you down and always will be waiting for you.
  • A lovely and stylish home decoration.
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Cuddle buddies! Soft and colourful toys for children of all ages. Beautiful and yet so simple, just right for any adventure on nap time. The clever fox along with it's special fur will become the perfect last touch for any room and our beautiful bunnies will hop on any journey you'll take! Officially certified as safe for even the smallest children.